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Restaurant Stemware

Swirl Restaurant

Rippled shape, universal tumbler

Named for the ease with which it allows you to swirl your wine, Riedel’s Swirl collection offers a rippled shape with subtle indents that help guide the wine around and around the vessel while making it easier to hold at the same time. With just a slight movement of your hand, the wine is effortlessly opened and aerated with each gentle swirl. These universal stemless tumblers are also perfect for any type of beverage, such as water, juice, and so on.

Riedel Restaurant

Varietal specific, sturdy build, classic shapes

Riedel Restaurant is Riedel’s benchmark, varietal specific wine glass collection. The diameter of the elegant, rounded, seamless stem has been developed and tested to support rough, day to day use and the special non-lead glass composition makes it dishwasher proof. The Riedel Restaurant collection stands for the highest wine enjoyment, esthetics, and quality at a reasonable price.

Ouverture Restaurant

Wine friendly, shorter stem

The Ouverture Restaurant series was created to help both restaurateurs and their patrons by providing versatile bowl shapes for red and white wines that will increase drinking pleasure, while sturdy and slightly cropped stems make for more efficient serving and storing. This collection is lead-free and includes styles for Red, Magnum, White, and Champagne, in addition to a stemless water glass.

Sommeliers Restaurant

Varietal specific, tall and elegant

In 2013, Riedel created the Sommeliers Restaurant glasses to answer the demand of the hospitality industry for varietal-specific glassware that heightens the wine experience for the guest. This collection is machine-made from lead crystal and features Bordeaux and Burgundy stems.

Restaurant ‘O’

Varietal specific, tumbler style

Restaurant ‘O’ is the new innovative take on the wine tumbler and makes broken stems a thing of the past. Ideal for everyday use and for every occasion, it is Riedel’s most casual collection, with an elegant, uncomplicated design that is fun, feels good to hold, looks trendy, and it works!

Extreme Restaurant

Varietal specific, V shaped bowl

Extreme glasses are named for their extreme contours and diamond shaped bowls that angle out dramatically before narrowing at the top. The result is an exceptionally wide evaporation surface that intensifies and enhances silkiness in the mouth of New World wines, which tend to be more fruit driven in style. These glasses have a slightly thicker stem than the Vinum Extreme to withstand the wear and tear of a busy restaurant.

Max Restaurant

Longest stemmed Riedel glass, light and elegant

Elegance and perfect design are the terms that best describe these glasses. The long stems are the special feature of this series and a great challenge for the machine-based production.The glasses are machine made and dishwasher safe. Available as red and white wine glass, as well as Champagne glass.

Winewings Restaurant

Varietal specific, flat bottom collection

We chose a flat and stretched bottom, with a wing-like shape to increase the surface area between wine and air, which increases the levels of evaporation and develops a greater intensity of aroma.

SL Stemless Wings

Varietal specific, flat bottom tumblers

This new introduction will feature three stemless wine tumblers, selected by Georg Riedel, based on the wine preferences of one glass for White Wine (Riesling) and two for Red (Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon).

Veritas Restaurant

Varietal specific, light, classic shapes

A glass machine blown in fine crystal of unsurpassed thinness and lightness. Riedel Veritas combines the charm of a handmade glass with the consistent accuracy only a machine made glass can achieve.

Performace Restaurant

Varietal specific, light, optic impact

Performance's unique optic impact not only adds a pleasing visual aspect to the bowl, but also increases the inner surface area, allowing the wine to open up and to fully show every aroma and subtle nuance.

Degustazione Restaurant

Wine friendly, classic look

Degustazione is a collection offered at an accessible price for restaurateurs who still wish to serve their customers flavor-maximizing wine friendly glasses. Simple wine glasses offer patrons the wine friendly experience, and are the perfect starter glassware.

Bar Restaurant

Classic, functional barware

Riedel Bar is composed of a variety of stylish and functional glasses designed to enhance the enjoyment of fine spirits by showcasing the aromatics and flavor characteristics while minimizing the bite of alcohol.

Manhattan Bar Tumbler

Classic, non-decorated tumblers

Stylish and versatile, Manhattan is a classical range of tumblers, specially developed for demanding on premise use. The collection features sizes with the perfect options for spirits, cocktails, long drinks, beer, water and juices.


Zane Harris creation, decorated collection

The professional glass series Drink Specific Glassware is offered exclusively for catering and restaurants and was developed with an eye to their entrepreneurial demands. This new collection answers the need for cocktail-specific glassware among restaurants and bars with glasses perfected for thousands of cocktails.

Decanter pour

Because Riedel believes that all wines can be enhanced by decanting, it is only natural that they would have a wide selection of decanters in their collection. Decanting gives young wines a chance to bloom by liberating the aromas, intensifying the fruitiness and rounding out the textures that normally requires years of aging. In the case of older wines, decanting allows the wine to separate from any deposits that may have formed in the bottle over time. Riedel’s decanters are sculptural enough to qualify as works of art, but are also incredible triumphs of functionality.