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Wine in Kegs?

Free Flow Kegs


Did you know?
•Premium wine in kegs never sees oxygen so it’s guaranteed fresh – no wasted wine
•Every new keg we put into service is like taking an average car off the road for 2 years
•Free Flow’s reusable steel kegs reduce the carbon footprint of the same wine poured out of bottles over a 20-year period by 96%
•Each keg will save 2,340 lbs of trash from the landfill over it’s lifetime
•One steel keg saves the CO2 equivalent to that sequestered by 28 trees
•30% reduction in CO2 emissions by using reusable steel kegs vs. 1-way disposable kegs to deliver the same amount of wine
•With no oxidation, our kegs ensure freshness longer than disposable kegs
•Because Free Flow kegs are reusable, there is nothing to recycle & less to the landfill
•Standard size and fittings easy to plug into any system

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Available Wines

*Keg Deposit Required
Quady North Cabernet Franc
Quady North Grenache Blanc
Quady North Malbec
Quady North Rose of Grenache
Va Piano Bruno's Cabernet Sauvignon
Ca Piano Bruno's Sauvignon Blanc
Cadaretta SBS
Hahn Chardonnay *OR ONLY
Hahn G.S.M. Red Blend *OR ONLY
Hahn Pinot Noir * OR ONLY
Smith & Hook Cabernet Sauvignon * OR ONLY

Disposable Kegs

*Keg Deposit NOT Required
Arbor Crest Man's Best Blend
Arbor Crest Conner Lee Chardonnay