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A Nod to the Classics

The Traditional Manhattan
January 9, 2017

A Nod to the Classics

We live in a society that revolves faster than a revolving door. What’s fashionable, who’s “the” celebrity, what’s “the” diet of the week, month, year…The only thing that we seem to be able to forecast is the notion that the hipsters from three decades ago are now the hipsters in our children.

In an age that’s exhausting to keep up with, one thing we can always count on as a staple in our lives is the classic cocktail. Old Fashioned, Sours, Martinis; these are the style icons for any age at any setting.

To celebrate some of these historically iconic drinks, we’re championing a century-old drink and dubbing this as Manhattan Month. What makes a drink like the Manhattan a classic cocktail? Vermouth – Whiskey – Bitters. Simplicity is king in classic.

Hmmm…A Vermouth you say? Our Quady Vya line is, hands down, craft Vermouth at its best. The ingredients in the Whisper Dry, Extra Dry and Sweet all start with a blend of grapes, including Orange Muscat grown at Quady Winery in California’s San Joaquin Valley. In the sweet Vya, some of Quady’s port style wine is mixed in for added color and dimension. If grapes add the body and flavor, the herbs give the character and charisma. Quady’s herbs come from all over the world. India, Albania, Russia, Spain, Morocco; these are just a few of the selected herb regions for Quady. The herbs are carefully steeped in small batches of fortified wine and transformed into one of the Vya Vermouths.